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Want to Save Time and Money?

How Using an Airport Service Will Save on Parking Charges

To stop paying parking charges at the airport, you could get someone to drop you off. You can consider also taking a taxi, or using transportation if the stops are available at or close to the airport. Renting a car will also permit you to drive all the way, thus paying for parking charges at the airport. However, most people opt for a personal airport service drop off, this saves on time, driving, and you know that you will get to the airport in plenty of time to catch your plane.

Most airports have a tendency to permit vehicles on the premises for an allotted amount of time before incurring parking fees. Others permit vehicles to have unlimited and free access to the departure and arrival areas and will only charge parking fees if vehicles go into the parking facilities. Consider these options, one of the best ways to prevent being charged airport parking fee is to be dropped off and picked up on your return. If you not have someone to do this, you could simply take a taxi to and from the airport. Figure out the price a taxi will cost because some fares do not offer much difference or savings than airport parking fee.

If you know you are going to be staying in a hotel before you depart, try to pick one that is close to the airport. While you are looking, choose a hotel which has a free shuttle service. Public transportation could be an option due to the fact that most airports are accessible by train. In most cities, there are bus stops at different locations close to the airport and even on the premises.

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